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Cars and Coffee Sharnbrook 2018

Posted on 10, May 2018

Another perfect summers/spring day in the UK, so may as well go to another car show.

This time was a little different to our usual. We went to a supercar event. These events are usually pretty well hidden from public, but with the rise of YouTube and social media, Yianimize has created a following that allows us to go to shows like this, if it wasn’t for him and some other social media celebs, these events would still be very much closed off to joe public, which is a shame, so big up to him, and also the cause of todays event, all proceeds go to charity. This was well worth the £10 entry.

Going to this show allowed me to see supercars that I never see on a daily basis, living in the midlands and even an affluential part, you still don’t see these cars, as much as YouTube portrays every 25 year old having a Lambo, it’s just not the case, remember this kids.

Overall it was a really great show, it’s a fraction of the size of JapFest, but there was lots to see and it was great to see the entrances and exits of supercars, which was the most enjoyable part, as much as the police tried to shut this down, it was all pretty calm and safe.

Took plenty of photos, all will be edited very soon.

So thanks Yianimize, Cianna? and the Sharnbrook for putting on the event.