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DC13 Photos

Posted on 10, June 2013

Great day at DC13, was the first time for us and a little apprehensive one at that. There was nothing on the web about it and on the drive to the Aerodrome, there was no one in sight. Got to the gates and the queue was only 2 deep. Once we finally got there the build up paid off, fantastic location and quality of cars was fantastic. This is the reason we started this car show calendar, to get some of the less marketed events like yesterday on the map.

The sun could have broken through the clouds and it did at some points but none the-less a great day, and only a tenner ! How much car shows should cost.

Laid back vibes meant we got plenty of photos and we we’re even seen with our GoPro on the pole, so watch out for the edit. No, wasn’t a golf club.

Quite a selection, we have even more on our Facebook – check that out here.