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Districts 2017 Round Up

Posted on 3, July 2017

Our first show abroad, so we made a weekend of it. Flew over to Dublin on Friday, hung about and then drove up to Belfast on the Sunday morning, luckily the guys at ILOVEBASS gave the show a relaxed approach before it even started by starting the Sunday at 12pm so no super early wake up that car shows insist upon. Although probably something to do with the Saturday night beforehand.

Upon arrival to the location, there were plenty of signs pointing to the old B and Q on what seemed to have been the largest industrial estate I’ve been on!

Into the show there was a cool relaxed atmosphere that I was to expect, none of the mess that Ultimate Dubs showed on first arrival. Show organisers, take note, accept card payments and sell tickets online before hand.

The districts were nicely seperated with the first district you see being exotic. All districts were split up using ILB District branded tape, nice touch (one of many). The quality of cars were of the upmost quality. With GT3 RS’s, Lambo SV’s and BMW M2’s to name a few.

The warehouse was a good size and super clean, not sure if this was a conscious effort, but it was nice to see and be in. Branded banners and signs flooded the warehouse which again, makes it a nice touch as this would have costed a fair bit in printing material along with the branded course of events and wristband handed to us upon arrival. The theme was seriously well executed with the chevron type markings running through-out all print material.

ILB’s shop took centre stage along with their… er, stage, so that was the central point to the day with lots of talks and and announcement going on. Oh and I forgot to mention along with a proper film style camera crane, the name escapes me, but yeah, it was pretty cool.

Now, I’m sat in the car outside writing this as I have a busy week but the show really was a credit to ILB’s quality of work and going forward I’m sure the next one will be even bigger and better, certainly not bad for a first attempt. I’ve been to show’s in their 5th+ year still struggling to throw a good show, but just relying on good cars to turn up. ILB went above and beyond that and you can really see and feel the time and effort they’ve put in.

I’m yet to see the awards as that’s in about an hour, but I’ve been online and voted for my peoples favourite (yet another nice touch) but my car of the show will probably have to be the Porsche on the ILB stand, you’ll see plenty of pictures of this.

That’s a wrap then, take a bow ILB.

Edit: The credits at the end were ANOTHER nice touch. Enjoyable to watch the awards.