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Early Edition 2015 Photos

Posted on 19, April 2015

Woke up with a sore throat and cold but Early Edition is never a show to pass upon.

Weather was dry but pretty chilly, didn’t quite see blue sky so by 1pm a lot of people were leaving, if the sun was out and it was a little warmer I doubt this would have happened.

However the show was bigger than ever this year with the normal car park completely filled by 11am and then the overflow car park over the road filling up first.

As ever, the ‘normal’ car park had some minters, a third of our photos were probably taken there. Some questionable cars in the Saints ground itself, but hey, we can’t judge.

Couple of cars of the show, Route32 MK1 Golf as always and the carbon RS3 next to it near the Klean Freaks stand but we are a HUGE fan of James Harpers’ white S3 on gold alloys; revealed new look today !


Took many photos as per usual, our selected few are above and then the rest are on our Facebook page.


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