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Early Edition 2016

Posted on 24, April 2016

That time of year again for Early Edition.

The weather earlier on in the week was looking like it was going to be a wash-out. However as the week prior to EE got later, the weather looked to have cleared, and so it did for the day, although very cold compared to previous years, at least it was dry, hey !

We will get straight to it, turn out was a shocker, perhaps the worst we have ever seen, it wouldn’t have been so bad if the spectator turn-out was poor, but the actual car count in the main event was shocking, I would probably say 100 cars down on previous years. Whether this is down to weather, or various other events clashing, i’m not sure, but I’m not surprised if most of the people that paid £15 to get in would have liked to have got their money back.

The actual arena only really had a handful of cars, there was a huge marque taking up most of the room which in itself only contain 3-4 cars… Not sure what that was about.

Anyway, all in all, we were pretty disappointed and those that went for the first time, then it didn’t really show what Early Edition is all about, we hugely love this show as a kick off event to the season.

Enough negativity, have a look through the photos above for a select few cars, or to see all, please visit and like our Facebook page.

Our prizes:

Car of the show goes to the MK6 Golf R above. If anyone knows the owner, get them to get in touch.