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FittedUK 2017 Photos

Posted on 2, August 2017

I am a moaning f**k but getting into these big events seems to be a logistical nightmare. Luckily upon arrival I clocked the full car park sign and stumbled upon the overflow car park. From overhearing other people, they missed this and started queueing for the full car park to be turned away. On the plus side it was free.

Then queueing to get in, it was fairly quick, about 20 mins. Although when you get to the ticket sales. It was cash only. There are soo many portable card point of sale nowadays that it is so easy to make peoples lives easier.

Upon rejection I queued for the only cash machine that wasn’t broken inside. After another 20 mins I got to the front and it stopped accepting anymore cards. Great, all cash machines are broken and it’s 11:30 and I haven’t even got in yet.

Quick note to the doorwomen to ask to skip the queue while I go to the Trafford centre to get some money out.

And I’m in, with the nice door lady keeping her word and letting me skip the initial queue that was now beyond the roundabout. On to the event!

Being my first year here, I was stoked with the shear scale of the hall, and it wasn’t like it was spaced out either. The Fitted team made every ounce of useable space, well used.

It was nice to see stands/stalls spread throughout, rather than all huddled in a corner, I thought this worked really well. Also, another great thing was there wasn’t a million and 1 food vendors. Just enough.

Although I felt the outside area wasn’t quite up to scratch with the quality inside, it was still nice to have the outside area.

As most people have seen in the pictures, the raised stands were great too. A true work of art on show for people to look at.

I’m not really very good at reviewing these events, but it was a cracking day out and well worth the 260+ mile round trip and sitting on the M6 at 30mph for about 2 hours getting home.

On the way out DMO was playing on the decks and it was  a sweet end to the day as loads and loads of people were still there enjoying the music up until the awards show.

I managed to say well done to one of the owners of Fitted on the way out, as a little complement goes a long way.

That’s about it.

P.S, sorry about all the wheel, and E30 BMW photos, getting a slight obsession with them and MK1 Golfs at the moment. If you have either for sale, hit me up!

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