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Gti International 2018 #inters

Posted on 3, June 2018

I’ve wanted to go to this show/event for a number of years when it used to be in Warwick. I’ve always been a VAG fanboy and I thought this is the event for it.

Finally went this year and the trouble with 2 days events is you don’t know which day to attend. We opted to go on the Sunday and I’m not sure if that was a mistake, but the show is pretty small, tiny infact. From a top trumps point of view, there was lots to do, but the problem with Rockingham is, it’s quite disjointed, so unless you can fill the venue, then it doesn’t create a great user experience as everything is so spread out with nothing to seen inbetween.

This event has great history and great branding/marketing behind the event, but it looks to struggle to pull in traders/crowds. Maybe a 1 day event at a different venue may work.

Track time is difficult to watch as there isn’t any elevated areas to watch. The most enjoyable part was watching the 1/8 mile drag. Although I have no context for 1/8 records, there were some serious quick cars there.

Shout out goes to the MK7 Golf R that blew on the Sunday on the drag strip. Hope it’s not too expensive.

Here’s a video from the Saturday.