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JapFest 2018 at Silverstone

Posted on 7, May 2018

It’s Bank Holiday weekend, and the sun is out, technically, it’s spring, but we all know it’s summer. As such I thought I’d visit JapFest car show down the road at Silverstone.

As per normal, I have a upon arrival moan. I didn’t have a ticket, so I had to join the back of a 30+ minute queue to be served by 1 person!! This event employees 100’s of people yet they had 1 person serving at the ticket booth, they quickly realised this and when I got towards the front 3 or 4 other people showed up taking cash sales. The £25 in cash I bought wasn’t enough however, JapFest now peaking at £27 for entry!! So on to the booth I went and got out the ol’ Mastercard. Steep entry, lets hope the showed lived up to it.

To be fair, Japfest is huge, they really do take over Silverstone so there’s lots to see. Standard of cars was pretty medioca, but most of these cars aren’t really show cars, they are track toys. With probably 50% of attendance being Subaru’s and Evo’s.

It did take me literally the whole day to walk round, a mere 25k steps I did.

It’s a shame that stuff like the stunt show and Retro Jap was so out the way that most people didn’t even know they were there. It would have been better to use the space just over the bridge on entrance as there was lots of spare space there, although I’m not sure if this was because it was wet.

Shout out goes to the guy that did a talk about Rotary engines, he was certainly passionate for them!

There’s probably loads of missed out here, but if you like Jap cars, track time, drifting then Japfest at Donnington is definitely not one to miss.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking when I put them up in the next few days.