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Trax 2015 Photos

Posted on 20, July 2015

Another year has gone by with Trax, although a lot earlier on in the year this time round.

Weather was ok to start but by the end of the day was blue skies, which is always a massive factor on the success of a show. Even managed to get burnt.

Quality of cars on display, probably not so good as previous years, in fact, it was seriously lacking in the grand scheme of things, too many dirty, battle scarred cars for a “show”, not sure if it’s the types of clubs or other events that Trax clashed with. Trade village wasn’t overly great either, I’m sure it used to be bigger and was more the heart of the show. Personally we prefer the end of show season format, it’s one last show and it never seemed to clash. Maybe Dub Fiction show would have been more up our street.

Drifting and track time was great though.

Oh, and have you ever seen so many MK7’s Fiesta’s ? Absolutely loads of them. Great cars though.

One more whine before we put up our photos, show and shine finished at 12pm I think. So by the time we got to the show and shine area, there were about 4 cars left… What was all that about !?

Map of the event ? Nope couldn’t find that, had to buy a £5 Trax magazine to see the show times/plan. 0 – 60 ? I don’t *think* there was one.

The more I think about it, it was no where near as good as other years. The camera roll with 100 photos probably proves that.

So, here is the best of the bunch.