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Ultimate Dubs 2017 Review

Posted on 25, March 2017

We attended Autosport International, but we’d say that UD2017 was our first proper car show of the season, being a VAG event, that’s is what we are about.

This was our first time attending and upon arrival you could see it was going to be huge, people were parking all over the town, a 4 or 5 story multi-story car park was completely filled and these were just people coming to walk around the show.

As normal we spent the first 2 hours looking around outside, and all this was free, we then went to queue up to get in inside. Bare in mind this was now 12pm and we’d been there 2 hours, there was a constant (huge) queue to get inside! First moan and only?, we got half way in the queue, and then saw signs that it was  cash only. It’s 2017 and with WiFi ready portable card readers, we couldn’t believe it was cash only. So, out the queue and then into a cash machine queue that took about 45 mins to get to the front and then it charged us £1.75. Brilliant. Then back to the back of the original ticket queue. All in all, about an hour of our life wasted, and £1.75 for the theft that is getting your own money out. Please please, sort this out for next year.

Into the indoor area and it was tightly packed in, there was a lot of people, which isn’t a gripe as good events attract crowds, but felt the cars were very tightly squeezed in with some average content to start.

Some of the best cars of the event were hidden in a corner, namely the R8 V10 Plus and McLaren’s.

Massive respect for the charity auction, this was great and some good bargains to be had. Anything for charity gets my thumbs up.

The indoor quality was good overall, the quality stepped up as you went through from entrance to exit.

The final dark I Love Bass room was a real cracker, great light for photos and some stunning cars in there all with plenty of space.

Overall a great event, weather held out which was good as if it was raining I think it would have been a massive let down as the indoor area you’d barely be able to breathe. Always good ending to a show watching people tear off too. Some great sounding cars.

On to the next one.

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