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Ultimate Dubs 2018 Report

Posted on 16, March 2018

Another year at Ultimate Dubs. This year being our season opener. A bit different for me this year as I arrived by train. And to be honest I’m not sure it was worth the 5 hour round trip.

Not sure if it was the weather the lead up to UD or i’m just getting older. The outdoor area was relatively empty and the standard was sub-par. I use the word standard, but it’s my personal standard so certainly no disrespect to those that showed their cars, it’s certainly better seeing cars than no cars.

I did arrive quite late at 1pm (blame Sunday train service), but I’m assuming the morning was much the same.

I moaned previous years about cashless entry. For some reason it’s still cash only. Now I get you have to pay a small fee on card processing however it makes the attendees experience far better if they so wish to pay on card, and that’s what it’s all about, right.

Indoor was much the same as previous years with much the same cars. The layout stays the same with a few rotations seeing ILB in the main hall instead of the back hall of previous years.

This picture (pending) pretty much summed it up this year.

I will attended again as usual, but just writing up my personal opinion. It’s nice to see things shaken up and to better previous years, but not sure if UD have executed this.

Oh and special mention to Sam’s Detailing, I’ve not heard of them before so I assume they are new to the scene but I’d say they had the best stand of the show and their products looked excellent. Packaging on point as the kids say.

Here’s a selection of pictures from me to highlight my favourites. So credit to those 🙂

Note: Images pending, currently not had time to process, will try and get them up in the next week, or month…