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7’s Day 2020: JDM Legends Take Over New York City | HALCYON (4K)

Posted on 20, August 2020

Now it’s 5th year running, PRIME has put together a night that forever will live in everyone’s memory. In the shadows of the New York skyline, enthusiasts gather on both sides of the river to meet for the ultimate destination, Times Square. While this is a night dedicated to the Rotary, there is no shortage of other JDM icons in the streets. GTR’s, Silvia’s, Supras, Chasers, NSX’s, the list goes on. Many of which you won’t see else where. In the midst of the pandemic, PRIME put the effort forward to continue the tradition this year; even with NYPD having other plans. Shooting this years event was tough once we got into the city, multiple meet up points were being dismissed by the time of arrival; and they even had blocked off Times Square in advance. Luckily we were able to gather at the ending location, and taking a few select vehicles to sneak back into Times Square with. The majority of the night footage is shot handheld; weaving our selves in and out of traffic to capture the chaos. I tried to suit the edit to fit that vibe, and left many of the clips in their raw state with only a slight grade. Hope you enjoy. PRIME → https://www.instagram.com/primenyc.co/  Big thank you to Danny Heaton for being the second shooter for this one: → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwxv… → https://www.instagram.com/dannyheatzm… [ Merch! ] → http://thisishalcyon.com [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] Instagram: http://instagram.com/halcyonphoto Twitter: http://twitter.com/halcyonphoto Facebook: http://facebook.com/halcyonphoto [ TRACKS ! – tell them HALCYON sent you! ] → RVFVEL x VARO – GOIN’ INSANE → https://soundcloud.com/rvfvelbeats/goin-insane-w-varo → https://soundcloud.com/notvaro → https://open.spotify.com/artist/0wwqAXGpSicBgsdrkRQKpg → https://open.spotify.com/artist/00l6r0ghHCfXaKugTCH7yQ?si=c3h5P7Y0Q2qvfikhLtZDSg → YAMA – Kusanagi → https://soundcloud.com/yamadubs/kusanagi-2 → https://open.spotify.com/artist/4lW9JNN6RQxM7GCUrnr0RM → https://twitter.com/yamadubs → https://www.instagram.com/yamadubs/ #rx7 #7sday #fd3s