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Alex’s Pandem FRS | Enjoy your drive. | HALCYON (4K)

Posted on 11, September 2020

Alex’s Pandem FRS | Enjoy your drive. | HALCYON (4K) Join our discord server! → https://discord.gg/wyP57Wz Interested in private live streams for feedback on your videos? Join the channel membership here and get access to exclusive perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKYzSXLtBTGsh-Z7GYpFlg/join This shoot was a rather spontaneous one. My friend Sebastian who I work with often hit me up saying that Alex, the owner of this FRS was looking to have some photos done, and Seb asked me to join and do some video. Sometimes the unplanned shoots come out much better than expected and the shoot day is typically way more fun! We setup the rig, ran through Bear Mountain in New York and found some beautiful locations. Sebastian even shot some of this video on his old DV cam. What do you think of this one, and what do you think of this Pandem FRS? Personally I think it’s the cleanest one out there! OWNER: → http://instagram.com/ifeellikealexand 1st AC and DV Cam Footage: → http://instagram.com/srodriguez92 Check out our Spotify Playlists featuring the music we use in our videos and more! → https://tinyurl.com/halcyonspotify [ Merch! ] → http://thisishalcyon.com  [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] → Instagram: http://instagram.com/halcyonphoto → Twitter: http://twitter.com/halcyonphoto → Facebook: http://facebook.com/halcyonphoto [ TRACK – Tell them HALCYON sent you! ] → _hypertenshi – morphine → https://soundcloud.com/hptenshi/morphine