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Watercooled Society – Family matters Lea’s E36 Touring

Posted on 12, February 2016

Confucius said “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Basically, family is important, so do it right. This is the adage Lea Aucott has applied to his life, since finding out partner Lucy was “with child.” At the time, he was driving a super cool, ultra low mileage and mint-as-you-like Peugeot 309, wound down on tres rare Compomotive FHs. Not being the most practical of family run arounds, Lea knew that the time would come where he’d have to say “au-revoir” to his little Gallic classic, and replace it with something altogether more practical. In stepped the ever dependable E36 Touring, in 318i 4-banger flavour. It didn’t take him long to work his magic on it, and this is the result. Song used is: WGYB (Who’s Got Ya Back?) – Myles Franklin x Maratta