Posted on 23, November 2018

ALL YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC, EASIER THAN EVER TO STREAM. As you guys know, music is an integral part of my work here on YouTube. I always offer the links to the music I use in the description, as well as compile all of the soundtracks into a yearly mix for your enjoyment. Seeing as Spotify is becoming the preferred platform for music streaming, I have compiled playlists of my yearly music soundtracks, as well as custom curated playlists of music that will be updated weekly for your enjoyment. You can check out the playlists here, be sure to follow for new tunes weekly! https://open.spotify.com/user/mugzlmb6syuy1yytgpxwe2a1w?si=1IGVxRWRScO9ePpeDZnMGg spotify:user:mugzlmb6syuy1yytgpxwe2a1w TRACK: SKELER x JUCHE – PROXIMA Animation by: @petterscholander