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Autosport 2017

Posted on 15, January 2017

Hello 2017!

Our first show of the season was Autosport and weirdly a Performance Car Show. Not sure I really understand the 2 shows in 1, but hey. It’s not our normal type of show that we cover, but it was raining outside, so why not.

Was good to see all the YouTubers there. They certainly got a lot of attention. Being a generalist show, there was quite a lot of crap that didn’t get me excited as you can imagine.

Live action show was great though, a little added bonus considering the ticket price, also loved the Pasty and Piston by Piston Heads.

Overall a good show and I got to see three 675LT’s which made it all worth it.

Downer of the day £12 parking and about 6 – 10 parking attendants telling you how to park. I guess that’s why we have to pay such a large parking charge to pay all the people to stand around doing nothing… NEC if you are reading, drop the parking price and get rid of the ridiculous amount of parking attendants.

Let’s end on a high… Saw a loop to loop in a car, that was cool, last time I saw that was on a skateboard.

Rest of the photos on our Facebook page.