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Gravity Show Photos 2016

Posted on 20, July 2016

We had a double show weekend just gone, DC on the Saturday and then Gravity on the Sunday. Gravity was a new event from the team over at SlammedUK. A new show can sometimes flop and we have seen a few of those before but the hype and general online feel felt like this is going to be big.

They secured a fantastic location in the heart of the UK, so easy access for everyone and also a few minutes down the road from us was a bonus.

We turned up to be greeted by a pretty awesome Lamborghini, which started the day off well, it also helped by pretty much being the UK’s first day of summer.

So the venue was too large indoor halls, we went to the main hall first and this is where it set the bar for the day, some incredible cars laid out perfectly. None of the cars were sandwiched in, all had breathing room and made the show a fluid walk around which was great, especially for photographers (although a challenge to photograph in low-light conditions, but made for better photos). We loved the bottom end of this hall where all the cars were parked at different angles, good touch.

We then went over to the other hall where the level stepped up again, some epic machines in here including a nice Ferrari (F12?) and a couple of our cars of the show a long with SlammedUK’s clubstand and DJ stand. This hall led nicely out to the outside area where you could get refreshments and view the rest of the cars.

All in all was a cracking first show from the SlammedUK crew. Very well done for the organisation.

P.S, we felt super safe with the 100+ security guards, ha ha.

Above is a select few photos from the show, please go to our Facebook page to see the rest of the set.