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Caffeine and Machine X RSOC

Posted on 13, October 2019

My first time to the infamous Caffeine and Machine today for the RSOC meet.

I didn’t really know what to expect but had been following the renovation of the site for some time. I’ve heard only good things and how they’ve managed to keep away from the stigma of boy racers that would be associated with this type of thing.

It said 9am start so I roughly got there for 9:30am as assumed it would only be a morning thing.

On arrival in an Audi RS car I was parked to the back of the carpark from about 5+ stewards. It was £5 entry and you get to swap your keyring for a Coffee or soft drink, now that’s a pretty good deal.

At the front of the site was where the rest of the RSOC was park and towards the back started to become a mixture of cars. The turnout was a lot smaller than I expected from an RS meet as RS3’s are everywhere now, I think there was only 2 x TTRS 8v’s there.

Also, it would have been nicer to parked all the RSOC together rather than spread them out, but I guess logistically this would never work.

Inside the pub/cafe it is superbly kitted out, shop, bar, good food, literally exceeded all expectations on all fronts.

There was also a space “reserved” spot I assume for “supercars” at the front, although an RSOC day, I guess this was always going to happen as it keeps the front area, fresh and buzzing, rather than having a dull car parked there. And to be fair, they were pretty special, LFA, Ferrari GTO and Ford GT to name just a few.

The atmosphere was super chilled and overall a great morning.

I’d definitely recommend going there for any petrol head, it really is a must.

Fair play to the team and keep up the good work, although I think there could be around 20% less staff, but maybe it just wasn’t that busy compared to normal.